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 +====== 0trace Package Description ======
 + is a python port of Michal Zalewski'​s 0trace hop enumeration tool. 0trace was originally announced on Bugtraq on January 6th:
 +"​I'​d like to announce the availability of a free security reconnaissance /
 +firewall bypassing tool called 0trace. This tool enables the user to
 +perform hop enumeration ("​traceroute"​) within an established TCP
 +connection, such as a HTTP or SMTP session. This is opposed to sending
 +stray packets, as traceroute-type tools usually do.
 +The important benefit of using an established connection and matching TCP
 +packets to send a TTL-based probe is that such traffic is happily allowed
 +through by many stateful firewalls and other defenses without further
 +inspection (since it is related to an entry in the connection table)."​
 +[[https://​​3000/​BlackWeb/​0trace|BlackWeb Netdiscover repo]]
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