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 +====== Netmask Package Description ======
 +This is a handy tool for generating terse netmasks in several common
 +formats. ​ If you've ever maintained a firewall with more than a few rules
 +in it, you might use netmask to clean up and generalize sloppy rules left by
 +the netadmin before you.  It will also convert netmasks from one format
 +to another for the day you change your firewall software.
 +See the file INSTALL for building and installation instructions.
 +Please send all bug reports by electronic mail to:
 +Netmask is free software. ​ See the file COPYING for copying conditions.
 +Source: https://​​tlby/​netmask
 +[[https://​​tlby/​netmask|netmask Homepage]] | [[https://​​3000/​BlackWeb/​netmask|BlackWeb Netdiscover repo]]
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