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System boot

Download your operating system and created a boot device: now you are ready to boot BlackWeb on your computer. In order to do so, simply insert your boot device in the computer and reboot. During the booting, when asked to select a booting disk, choose the BlackWeb device.

USB drive

obsolete computers

If you're using a very old computer you might not be able to boot your system from a USB drive: in this case you will have to use a DVD or another device your computer will recognize as a booting device.

new computers

Most laptops allow you to access the booting menu pressing f12; for most desktop computers press f8; for other kind of devices try pressing esc, f12, f11 or f10.

option is disabled

A lot of computers, even recent ones, the booting menu may be disabled by default: you will have to access the bios settings and enable such option, reboot the computer and press the right key to access the booting menu.

option is not available

Some computers allow you to boot the system from USB drives but don't display a menu to select the booting device. If this is your case you need to access the bios settings, go to the booting panel and change the order of which booting devices, placing the USB drive on top of the list. Then simply reboot the computer and the bios will choose the USB drive as a booting device.

Secure Boot

In case you have a new computer with Secure Boot enabled, you will have to open the BIOS settings, disenable the secure boot and set a legacy boot. If your computer doesn't provide a booting menu, follow the instructions displayed on this page in the section above (“option is not available”).


Booting a system from a DVD is much easier and compatible with most machines.


standard method

Turn on your computer, insert the DVD straghtaway and press the C key as soon as you hear the beep signalling the computer has been turned on. Release the button after a few seconds, as soon as you hear the DVD has started working.

secondary method

Insert the DVD during the booting step and press the ALT key: keep it pressed until the booting device menu has been displayed.

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