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sslscan Package Description

This is a fork of ioerror's version of sslscan (the original readme of which is included below). Changes are as follows:

Highlight SSLv2 and SSLv3 ciphers in output.

Highlight CBC ciphers on SSLv3 (POODLE).

Highlight 3DES and RC4 ciphers in output.

Highlight PFS+GCM ciphers as good in output.

Highlight NULL (0 bit), weak (<40 bit) and medium (40 < n ⇐ 56) ciphers in output.

Highlight anonymous (ADH and AECDH) ciphers in output (purple).

Hide certificate information by default (display with –get-certificate).

Hide rejected ciphers by default (display with –failed).

Added TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 support (merged from twwbond/sslscan).

Compiles if OpenSSL does not support SSLv2 ciphers (merged from digineo/sslscan).

Supports IPv6 hostnames (can be forced with –ipv6).

Check for TLS compression (CRIME, disable with –no-compression).

Disable cipher suite checking –no-ciphersuites.

Disable coloured output –no-colour.

Removed undocumented -p output option.

Added check for OpenSSL HeartBleed (CVE-2014-0160, disable with –no-heartbleed).

Flag certificates signed with MD5 or SHA-1, or with short (<2048 bit) RSA keys.

Support scanning RDP servers with –rdp (credit skettler).

Added option to specify socket timeout.

Added option for static compilation (credit dmke).

Added –sleep option to pause between requests.

Disable output for anything than specified checks –no-preferred.

Determine the list of CAs acceptable for client certificates –show-client-cas.

Experimental build support on OSX (credit MikeSchroll).

Flag some self-signed SSL certificates.

Experimental Windows support (credit jtesta).

Display EC curve names and DHE key lengths with OpenSSL >= 1.0.2 –no-cipher-details.

Flag weak DHE keys with OpenSSL >= 1.0.2 –cipher-details.

Flag expired certificates.

Flag TLSv1.0 ciphers in output as weak.

Experimental OSX support (static building only).

Support for scanning PostgreSQL servers (credit nuxi).

Check for TLS Fallback SCSV support.

Added StartTLS support for LDAP –starttls-ldap.

Added SNI support –sni-name (credit Ken).

Support STARTTLS for MySQL (credit bk2017).


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